Fred Meyer cheese Danish

I had such high hopes for this one.

“As did I!” The Generalissimo paused to wipe some frosting from his mustache. “It looked better on TV!”

“Um, okay.” But I sorta understood his point. Individually wrapped snack treats fall into two categories: bland rest stop food, or unexpected treasures. This was definitely the former.

The bread was dry and tasteless, but had a touch of sweetness to it that most Danishes shy away from. It gave me hope, which was then dashed by the pitiful amount of cream cheese filling. The filling wasn’t bad. It also wasn’t great. It had a pleasant tartness to it that the sugar tried to mask—unsuccessfully I might add—but the texture was too grainy for my tastes.

“Mine too!”

“Good to know.” The frosting wasn’t as good as its volume would suggest. The white drizzle crisscrossing the top turned out to be less than ideal, but when combined with the rest of it, left me wanting something else.

“I’d eat another!”

“Of these?”

“Not on a bet!”

“Then why would you eat another?”

“Another what?!”

Never mind. If you’re in a hurry at Fred Meyer, and you have a hankering for a cheese Danish (and ready access to a microwave which is the only way to eat one with any pleasure), then you might want to…nah. I’d get something else.


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