Tina’s Lemon Cheese Turnover

Tina’s Lemon Cheese Turnover is not a cheese Danish. Let’s just be perfectly clear on that before we continue. Tina’s makes Danishes, but I have been unable to find them. Don’t think this means I’ll stop.

The first thing you’ll notice is the total lack of frosting. Yep, that’s minus ten points right there. Then there’s the lemon filling. It’s not very good. It also looks (from the outside of the package) that there’s enough filling in this thing to give me diabetes. Nope. And it’s not very good. It’s sorta sweet, but lacks punch. It’s all rather bland. Same with the read. It’s smooth and soft, with some moisture, but not lots. And the flavors, when combined, create a giant ball of nothing.

I should cut it some slack, as it’s a turnover, and not a Danish. But I won’t, because it should still be tasty in its own right, but it isn’t. It’s a gooey caloric pastry, but not something I’ll ever feel inclined to eat. I offered some to the Generalissimo, but he pointed to the package, mocked it, then walked out the door.

I should have followed his lead on this one.


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