Bon Appetit cheese croissant

I like creativity. I applaud it, even. But some formulas should not be messed with unless you’re a professional. And the people at Bon Appetit are…not.

The idea probably seemed like a good one at the time. Take a croissant. Everybody loves croissants. Add some cream cheese filling. Everybody loves cream cheese filling. Then put it in a package.

Um, aren’t we forgetting something here?

Yes. FROSTING!!! I know, it’s not advertised as a cheese Danish, and can therefore ignore the formula, but come on. To be even mildly successful, you need good ingredients. The croissant wasn’t bad. It wasn’t nearly flaky enough, but the moisture was pretty good. The flavor was unimpressive, which shouldn’t surprise me. Anything purchased at a gas station should come with some kind of warning, unless the fact that you BOUGHT IT AT A GAS STATION wasn’t enough of a hint.

The filling was more like a soft bit of cake. It lacked flavor, sugar, flavor, refinement, and of course, flavor. Then comes the total lack of frosting. I can get behind trying new things, but no frosting? That’s a bit of a stretch.

And because it was mostly bread, sorry, croissant, and maybe 1/8 filling, it became less of a dessert pastry and more of a bread item. The Generalissimo refused to eat this one, too, citing that it “Wasn’t a Danish! Not even a little!” I tried to get him to take a bite, but he’s quick for an old guy.

Probably all for the best. I don’t think he would have had anything nice to say about it.


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