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Hibernation hiatus

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

We are going on a summer hiatus until the Generalissimo wakes up from his little nap. I’d like to thank any and all who have stopped by these last few months to share in my adventures with the insane mustachioed one.

We will return in the fall; bigger, badder, and smelling slightly of stale box wine and nachos.

-Walter Thurman

London – Day 7 – Part 2

Monday, August 3rd, 2009


We rode the Tube back to Heathrow. Not even the Generalissimo’’s “friendship” with the Queen could keep us from being expelled from the country. The cops never took their eyes off us until we boarded the plane. A representative from the U.S. Embassy stayed with us until our seatbelts were tight. The plane’’s door sealed after he left.

We were in an emergency exit row, which meant plenty of legroom and a television monitor on a swing-arm that wouldn’’t stay up. The flight attendant tried to tape it in place, but that didn’’t hold for very long.